Good help is hard to find

You know the old saying, “Good help is hard to find.” Never has that saying rang truer than today. While the Internet has made the world smaller and easier to connect with others across the globe, it has also given way to false expertise and nefarious scammers wasting the time and money of well-meaning individuals. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost every year to shoddy work performed by unvetted or uncertified individuals, and in the end, we all pay dearly for the mess left behind.

Northlink has created a platform to harness the power of the Internet and create a reliable, fully vetted, safe space for employers and highly qualified, certified professionals to connect and collaborate. Employees are able to quickly and easily complete their online profile, highlighting their certifications, employment history, and other professional attributes – efficiently and effectively connecting with employers who value their expertise and qualifications. Employers are able to hire with confidence, knowing that each employee on Northlink has been fully reviewed, appropriately certified, and highly-qualified to do the work that needs to be done. Similar to online dating, each party is able to showcase their abilities and interests, creating a meaningful and long-lasting work relationship that is mutually beneficial and productive.

The result is simple: The right professional for the job, and the right employer for the professional.

Employees are able to identify and work alongside employers that are able to meet their financial, beneficial, and philosophical needs. By posting their certificates and qualifications on their profile, employees are able to stand head-and-shoulders above the competition and allow the employer to hire with confidence. On average, employees who have utilized Northlink have reported higher job satisfaction, improved salary and benefit packages, shorter periods of unemployment, and multiple competing job offers. Employers, on the flip-side, have found reduced turnover, happier customers, and overall revenue increases due in large part to the reduced recidivism rate.

While the Internet has allowed unqualified and uncertified hacks a larger and louder platform, it also is able to provide highly qualified, reliable, and certified professionals to connect with some of the top employers in the world. Northlink connects the right people with the right qualifications to get the job done right – the first time. Leave the games, the worry, and the doubt of traditional Internet hiring behind, and join the thousands of professionals and employers who choose to work with certainty and confidence. Northlink awaits: Rise above the rest.

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