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About Our Company

Northlink was created with one goal in mind: Harness the power of the Internet to connect qualified professionals with reputable employers in a quick, easy, and reliable way.

Established in 2018, Northlink was the brainchild of Lonnie Crashley, a professional welder by trade. After years of repairing shoddy work by uncertified and unqualified Joe-Blows found on Craigslist or Classified Ads, it occurred to him that employers should have simple and direct access to the work history and certifications of any potential professional they hire. In a time where lying on an application or fabricating a list of false accomplishments is easier than ever, Northlink was created to provide a space for highly qualified professionals to showcase their talents and find employment with companies eager to work with certified and reputable employees.

Every year, highly qualified professionals lose work to uncertified and poorly trained individuals, and employers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and lawsuits to the inferior work that the hacks deliver. It is the ultimate lose-lose situation: Highly-skilled professionals without work and well-intentioned businesses being bled dry from unnecessary damage sustained from a poor hiring choice. Northlink seeks to improve professional employment levels while boosting the revenue of companies hiring them.

It is a simple concept: Connect the right professionals with the right companies to get the job done right – the first time. Find out how Northlink can help your career and your business today.